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The ultimate drone blog from leading DJI retailer Heliguy. Get the latest news, reviews and insight from across the drone and UAV industry.

Drone strikes slow down oil and gas production in Saudi Arabia

Lawmakers from both the Republican and Democratic sides have introduced legislation, titled the American Security Drone Act 2019, on Wednesday that aims to stop federal agencies from purchasing DJI and other drones manufactured in China or any other country that is considered a national-security risk. Many federal departments and agencies are already using DJI drones, so needless to say that if this bill would pass, it would affect many different parts of the federal government.

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Explore the Value of Communication with DJI Users around the World.

DJI Airworks – The future of Smart Farming is almost here

Drone strikes on two oil assembly facilities have seen a abrupt drop in oil and gas coming out of Saudi Arabia earlier this week. A appear ten drones were used in the strikes to take out around half of the companies output capacity.

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Improve your aerial drone photography with lessons taught by the still photography specialists at the DJI Aerial Photography Academy.

DJI announces methane gas detector and spotlight for Matrice drones

Ahead of its annual Airworks accident in Los Angeles, DJI announces two new payloads powered by DJI Skyport, the U10 AUV Based Laser Methane Leakage Detector and the Wingsland z15 Gimbal Spotlight for Matrice drones. These payloads are aimed at action customers.

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Jul 12, 2019 ... A task force studying how airports should respond to drones issued its first recommendations and DJI is pleased to see they reflect smart ...

Skydio shares test photos taken by Skydio 2 drone

Our drone blog features all the latest DJI news, reviews and in-depth tutorials. Plus – you’ll get the very latest account from the drone industry, including updates to legislation and avant-garde new use-cases. We also awning enterprise drone applications through case studies with our clients.

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Get instant access to product reviews, buying advice for drones and gimbals, and tips to improve your aerial photography. Explore and Learn more at the DJI ...

American Security Drone Act of 2019 would halt federal agencies buying DJI drones

Next week DJI Airworks 2019 will kick off at the Westin Bonaventura in downtown Los Angeles. The annual DJI event will start with a media day on Monday and will officially be open from Tuesday, September 24th through Thursday, 26th to anybody with a commercial absorption in drones. In an email from DJI about Airworks, the drone maker included an angel of a tractor in a field with the message that “The future of smart agriculture is almost here”, hinting at the possibility that they will introduce new payloads or software to help farmers optimize their fields and crops. We will be attending the event the entire week and will address any DJI news here on DroneDJ, so stay tuned.

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Many federal departments and agencies are already using DJI drones, so needless to say that if this bill would pass, it would affect many different parts of the ...

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It seems that the new Skydio 2 drone will be appear shortly. In an email from the American drone maker, the company shared a number of test photos to show off the drone’s photo-taking capabilities. Skydio says that they have an entirely new camera for the Skydio 2 and that we can expect incredible image and video-taking performance from it. In the text and the comments on Facebook, they seem to indicate that we can expect the drone to be appear shortly.

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I just wanted to share a good blog I found with great analisis of the new Canadian law. It's not mine and I have no affilition. ...

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Six months after London’s Gatwick Airport shut down because of reported drone sightings, there is still no publicly available, independent proof that a rogue drone ever flew over the airport. But the magnitude of the response showed how unprepared many airports are to respond to a drone sighting and protect public safety while minimizing public disruption.

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